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Coach Specialist Program Overview
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Certified Coach Specialist Program Overview

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Designed to deepen your skills with the competencies of coaching for ACC and PCC credentialing, this program includes discussion and specific examples of how the competencies and the PCC markers are used in coaching.

Choose your focus and Designation: Certified Business, Career, Executive, Life, or Wellness Coach Specialist.  For Certified Business Coach Specialist, Certified Career Coach Specialist, Certified Executive Coach Specialist, Certified Life Coach Specialist, Certified Wellness Coach Specialist designations: Coaches with the prerequisite of 60 hours or more of coach-specific training are invited to focus on your coaching niche while earning certification within your specialization.

Seven live, interactive online classes:

1. Coach Competencies and Strengths: Review the ICF's Core Competencies of a Coach and discuss the Strength Areas (a self-evaluation based on your area of focus is provided) for a Coach Specialist; define the type of coaching and the specialist coach; clarify roles

2. Engaging and Understanding Your Clients: Discuss approaches and examples for setting the foundation based on the competencies and the PCC Markers including establishing the agreement for the coaching session, establishing expectations, exploring the meaning for clients, determining the measurement of success, refining considerations, and creating quick wins.  This will be different for each area of focus.

3. The Coaching Relationship: Explore how to co-create the relationship based on the competencies and the PCC Markers including different processes and plans, giving and earning trust, supporting and empowering the client, being fully aware and responsive, and expanding thinking while fully supporting the client in discussion and with examples.  This will be different for each area of focus.

4. Client Priority Management: Analyze how your communication enhances your coaching based on the competencies and the PCC Markers, review examples for flexing to a client’s language and expressions, evaluate how to be responsive, formulate powerful questions, and integrate clear, direct language for coaching through class discussion and examples.  This will be different for each area of focus.

5. The Client's Future: Expand how you create awareness through exploration of examples for asking about insights, developing strategies and plans, defining client application, recognizing progress, and closing the engagement based on the competencies and the PCC Markers.  This will be different for each area of focus.

6. Challenges and Trends: Explore how to manage different challenges in coaching and plan how to stay current. 

7. Coaching Debrief: Discuss insights, techniques, and approaches during coaching

Independent Learning and Reports: Prior to each webinar there is assigned reading from the Coaching Perspectives series.  Following each webinar there are assignments designed for you to think and reflect, research and review, and enhance your learning. 

Coaching Practicum:

Six group sessions one as coach and five as participant as scheduled for the class

Live participation is required in all ICF-approved programs.  It is possible to miss and make up on of these sessions with pre-approval from your trainer.  The process is to listen to the recording of your class and then schedule a one-on-one call with your trainer to make-up the required live contact hours.


Individual Coaching:

Submit your coach bio, review the compiled bios of classmates, submit your order of preference for interviewing, and then interview three classmates. Be interviewed by three classmates as a prospective coach

Email your preferences for a coach and after you are assigned your coach and your client, schedule five individual sessions each as coach and as client with your partner and trainer as follows: one 30-minute session for co-creating the relationship, five 40-minute coaching sessions, and one 30-minute closing session.

Listen to five recordings of your classmates coaching for your observations.

Submit evaluations of your coach, yourself, and the coaches you observe via recording.

Final Report: Write about your coaching work

One-on-One Coaching Session:

All participants are given a one-on-one coaching session to be scheduled individually.

Learning Outcomes:
  • List the competencies and strengths important to successful coaching.
  • Define and self-assess the knowledge areas important to successful coaching.
  • Explore the demonstration of coaching competencies through the PCC Markers.
  • Explain the linkage between self-determination and decision-making.
  • Co-create a best plan of action to formally engage in a coaching relationship.
  • Co-explore and navigate with the client through a variety of prioritization processes and solutions.
  • Understand self-management techniques to create long-term awareness and accountability with the client.
  • Develop client’s ability to identify long term concerns and create strategies to sustain skills learned throughout the coaching process.
  • Strengthen coaching competencies for helping clients in identifying and establishing solutions for long-term adherence and self-management.
  • Create a plan for staying current as a coach.
  • Explore the ICF's Core Competencies, PCC Markers, and Specialist Strengths as they apply when coaching.
  • Practice the ICF's Core Competencies and Strengths and demonstrate the PCC Markers in real time.

Approved by the ICF as an ACSTH program for 35 hours. Accredited by IACET to offer 3.5 CEUs (these CEUs are accepted by ATD, SHRM, HRCI, and more). Approved by PMI to offer 3.5 CEUs.

The full program fee to earn your Certified Coach Specialist designation is $1995. If you choose, you may make two payments of $1020 each or three payments of $690 each with all payments due before the start of class. This includes the seven webinars and coaching practicum required for certification, access to a free monthly Q&A call, and access to the Coach login page on this site with tools, session questionnaires, and more. Inclusion in the www.FindaCertifiedCoach.com database is optional.

Classes are recorded for the participants. Recordings are also used for periodic audits by accrediting organizations and occasionally for students in other classes when their recordings are defective. Registering for a class means agreeing to these uses of recordings.

Information from each form on this website is used by the Center for Coaching Certification to respond and follow-up. The information is maintained on our internal database. Trainers maintain student records during classes and after a class is over the Center for Coaching Certification maintains the records internally. Completing a form means agreeing to your information being held in our records.

Cancellation Policy: Apply Now In the event you must cancel participation, up to seven days prior to the start of the first program webinar you may request a refund of the amount less a twenty percent processing fee; six days or less prior to the start of the first program webinar you may request a refund of fifty percent of the registration. You may transfer your full registration to someone else up to three days prior to the start of the first webinar. Transferring to a different class before starting is based on space available. If you attend part of the program with one class and part with another class, there will be an additional fee of $250.

Offering quality certification training programs and classes for Academic, Business, Career, Executive, Life, or Wellness Coaching certification is the priority at CCC. After reviewing your options for coach certification classes and this coaching program schedule, CCC invites you to enroll in Academic, Business, Career, Executive, Life, or Wellness Coach training today to earn the Certified Coach Specialist designation.