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Graduates - Be a Published Author in the Coaching Perspectives Book - One New Book Each Year

Demonstrate your expertise and build credibility - Be a published author!

Each year the Center for Coaching Certification publishes a book in the Coaching Perspectives series. The chapters are written by graduates of the coaching certification programs. 

For 2019 the book Coaching Perspectives IX, send an email expressing interest.  We will organize the team during the first quarter.   Create a working title and key teaching points for a chapter and start working on your draft!

To be included in Coaching Perspectives IX in 2019 email questions and your interest to us.

Coaching Opportunities for Our Coaches

The Business Development Team with Center for Coaching Solutions is actively submitting proposals for training, consulting, and coaching. When they secure a contract, graduates of the Center for Coaching Certification are placed in the engagement. If you are a graduate and available for work please let us know! Click here and then complete all four tabs with your information if you are available for coaching engagements.