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To submit your continuing education required for certification renewal and extension of your login access, click here to download this form, then complete it and email to

Please note that Cathy is your contact for renewing access, changing your password, or changing your email so contact her and provide the email your login is under currently, the date and location of your certification, and your specific request.

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Note: If your login has expired please submit your continuing education hours via email to update and renew your certification and your access.

The continuing education is 12 live-participation clock hours every two years.  In addition to all the free webinars we offer we accept all ICF programs, classes that are about any of the ICF's Core Competencies of a coach (for example communication skills), and classes pertinent to your work as a coach. 

To make the process easy, click here to download the form so you can track your continuing education.  When you have completed your twelve clock hours, email it to to renew.